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Donation Update

CowCraft a posted Aug 6, 13
You can now buy Co-Owner! ---------------------------->
It is a fortnightly subscription of $20
That means if you click subscribe, it will automatically deduct $20 from your paypal 
every 2 weeks, until cancelled

Tired of being just a 'Player'?

Want to have more features like magic carpets or a coloured name? Perhaps you want to have access to a special lounge, or the ability to create shops?


Then you should consider donating.

It unlocks all these features and more!

Donate in the sidebar!

You must be signed up and do not click donate anonymously. If you do, you won't get your rank!


Please allow 1-2 days for your donator rank to process





- Able to make towns

- Can spawn

- Has access to limited commands

- Can lock chests

- Can buy and sell from existing shops

- Gets items put in a chest upon death

- Grey prefix



All permissions as player plus:

- Can fly on a magic carpet

- Can set up shops

- Special colour prefix (Teal/light blue)

- Gets 1,000 iConomy dollars.




All permissions as player plus:

- Can see in private chests, BUT CANNOT REMOVE THINGS

- Gets a green prefix

- Can Tempban and Kick players

- Can use the /i command

- Can use the /tp command

- Can create server meetings



All permissions as Moderator plus:

- Gets a dark red prefix

- Can see and take from private chests

- Can 'de-grief' you with LogBlock

- Can get your player head (request one if you want)

- Can use WorldEdit

- Can use TownyAdmin

- Can Permanent Kickban someone

- Can use lots of admin commands



All permissions.


The only owner is Platinum_Apple. If someone claims to be an owner and they don't have the official rainbow 'owner' tag, ignore and report them


CowCraft a posted Jun 30, 13
None yet :(
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